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Welcome to, where you can have us mastering your tracks through our high end audio mastering service!

We offer professional quality digital audio mastering services at $35 per song, or $235 for a full album, no matter how many tracks.

Your mixes will get more depth, nicely glued together with an analog vibe: your tracks will have ''that'' amazing sound!

You’ll get your master back within 7 days.

We are using non-linear convolution and (dynamic) vectorial volterra kernel technology, a decent room and a good set of experienced ears...

Mastering is hybrid or itb. You can choose if you want Neve, SSL or API sound, and anything in between - we strongly believe in analog warmth (tape & vinyl) with digital flexibility: the best of both worlds.

Check out the Audio Examples page to listen to samples of our mastering work.

Online audio mastering

When you use our audio mastering online service, you'll get professional, major label quality results and personal service.

So if you want us mastering your tracks, this is the place to be. We also have a page with free mixing tips, check it out!

Don't hesitate to contact us: just to get in touch or for more information about the online audio mastering process   . We like to talk to you about your music!



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