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What format should I use to send the files to you? 

WAV/AIFF format is ideal, but if all you have is MP3 format, we can work with that too. If you're sending in MP3 format, you can disregard the info below. If you're sending WAV/AIFF format, the following applies:

Anything better than 16bit/44.100Hz is fine. 24bit/44.100Hz is ideal. Keep in mind that the larger the file, the longer the upload/download time. However, 16bit/44.100Hz is more than sufficient to get professional results.

What level should tracks be at?

Just about anything louder than -15dB will do fine. More precisely, -8dB is about the exact right level. Don't compress or limit your mixes before rendering! Please try to keep levels under -3dB at all times.

Which mastering techniques do you apply to the mix?

EQ, compression, dynamics, leveling, proper gain staging, fade in/ fade out, limiting, and more...

Which gear are you using?

We are using non-linear convolution and (dynamic) vectorial volterra kernel technology - a decent room and a good set of ears to get professional, major label results.

You can choose if you want Neve, SSL or API sound, and anything in between - we strongly believe in analog warmth (tape & vinyl) with digital flexibility: the best of both worlds. 

Can you add more character to my mixes?

Certainly, you can ask for some colour, more depth (3D), tape-saturation, an analog vibe, more punch, ''sweetened'' highs - anything goes really!

Which genres can you master?

Any genre, from hip hop, latin, boy band, electronica, folk, country, rock to alternative, indie, pop, avant garde and classical music can be mastered here at ITBMastering. 

How can I send my tracks?

You can use free services such as sendspace or yousendit. Send tracks to 

How can I release my work?

We can also provide you with important information about the legal aspects of remixes, covers and sample clearance. Always use your own samples or make sure you bought them first!

For questions about releasing your music, like getting your stuff on iTunes worldwide or have audio cd's pressedITBMastering recommends Thet are experts in music legal advice and provide legal solutions for the music industry. Here you can find musiccontracts, information about copyrights, licensing, publishing, upc and isrc codes, performing rights associations, legal bandcoaching, legal labelcoaching, how to promote your stuff on the internet and more. 

For other questions about our online audio mastering service just go to the Contact Us page and send us a message!

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