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We offer professional quality online audio mastering services at $35 per song, or $235 for a full album, no matter how many tracks. 

1 track mastering $35

full album mastering $235

If you do not have PayPal, click on the go button to check out, and near the middle of the page it will ask "Don't Have PayPal Account?''. You will then be able to enter in your credit card information and check out using PayPal as a merchant. If you have questions, please contact us at .

Once you have paid the fee, send your music through, or to  . Once your music has been received, it will be expertly mastered and sent to you within 7 days, ensuring a personal and professional service.

Important Notes:
- Please ensure your mixdown has enough headroom, peaking at -3 db max.
- Ensure you are sending the best possible quality audio file.
- If you have special demands e.g. about the character of the master send us an email.
- You must pay first in order for us to work on your file.

Check out the Mixing Tips section for more info.